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Our Story

“We are on a mission to innovate the fashion industry by creating sustainable clothing that is made to last.Our values relate to consistently producing high quality, fashionable and sustainable clothing, at an affordable price.”

Unordinary Apparel is a modern, UK based sustainable fashion brand for the everyday consumer. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to help combat the harmful impact that climate change and overconsumption has had on the environment, and we offer a solution to this problem through our eco-friendly clothing. We want to provide people with essentials that are ethical and stylish, at a fair price that is accessible for everyone. Fashionable. Affordable. Sustainable. That’s our promise. 

Why we started?

It is no secret that the ways in which we produce, use and dispose of clothing is unsustainable. Fast fashion coupled with the overproduction and overconsumption of clothes has led to huge social and environmental issues and the fashion industry must innovate or face the irreversible consequences of climate change.

We firmly believe it is now everyone’s responsibility to live and shop sustainably. Unordinary Apparel is here to bridge the gap between the everyday person and sustainable fashion. 

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Our Materials and Designs

From the beginning, Unordinary Apparel has only ever planned to work with certified, trusted suppliers using responsibly sourced materials.

We integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business; making deliberate decisions about who we work with, how we operate and what materials we use. At Unordinary Apparel we only work with organic cotton and recycled materials. We ensure our suppliers source only the finest raw materials; ethically grown and produced in ways that do not harm people, animals or the environment.

All of our products are made exclusively from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton or recycled polyester. We are proud in the fact that as well as being fully sustainable, all of our garments are of the highest quality. Our loungewear is comfortable, super soft and extremely durable: meaning it is made to last. We believe everyone should be able to wear stylish everyday essentials, while helping the environment. 


Everyone is welcome at Unordinary Apparel. That’s why we made our brand unisex, with multiple colouring options to try and best serve individual fashion and style.

From our own research we learnt that while many people want to wear sustainable clothing, large organisations have set unrealistic prices for the average consumer. We have set our pricing model to a fair and accessible standard.

Our brand is honest, inclusive and transparent- we hope that you can join us.

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Fair Wear Leaders

Our supplier Stanley/Stella is a Fair Wear accreditted leader. This independent organisation audits factories and improve working conditions in garment factories. 

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PETA Approved Vegan 

We do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations or finished products and none of our products contain any animal derived components

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Global Organic Textile Standard

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) guarantees that cotton is organically grown without the use of GMO seeds or any harmful chemical products

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This is a safety standard for the assessment of harmful substances in fabrics. Its aim is to ensure products are free from harmful substances

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